Who We Are


The mission of Also-Known-As is to build a community that empowers the voices of adult international adoptees, while providing resources and space to acknowledge the loss of birth country, culture, language, and biological family.


At the heart of Also-Known-As, Inc., are adult adoptees and friends who envision a community that empowers the adoption experience, provides resources for bridging cultural gaps and transforms conversations about race.  In celebrating the community of people, whose lives, through adoption, bridge nations, cultures and races, we ignite the possibility of a future that celebrates our common humanity and enjoys our human diversity.

Throughout Also-Known-As, we are committed to generating a space in which people can know their cultures and begin the adventure of being profoundly related.  In stepping beyond the traditional boundaries of family, race and culture, we are a clearing for a new conversation that shatters racial and cultural stereotypes.  As we distinguish our own assumptions, we empower others to see the dignity of the individual.  Pioneering boldness for all people, we say identity is a choice, freely created unbounded possibility.  As we embrace the paradoxes and contradictions that arise from our different identities, we are given the unique opportunity to serve as bridges of cultural understanding.

In a world separated by fear and hatred, we at Also-Known-As stand for the greatness of our human spirits that can shift mind and heart to embrace and love another as a daughter or a son, a sister or a brother.  Our families are truly global.


Also-Known-As, Inc., was founded in 1996 out of a desire to create an organization that recognized and celebrated the community of people whose lives, through adoption, bridge nations, cultures and races.  Recognizing the invaluable resource and experience of adult intercountry adoptees, in May of 1996, a small group of Korean adoptees and friends in the New York metropolitan area began planning a mentorship program targeted to a new generation of intercountry adoptees.  Since then our mission and programs have expanded, to include not only the experiences of Korean-born intercountry adoptees, and families but, all families created by intercountry adoption and the unique experiences of transcultured people, seeking to share the human experiences of adoption.

At the heart of the organization are adult adoptees and friends who give a voice to the international adoptee community by providing innovative post adoption services, educational programs, and community building activities, serving those on their adoption life journey.  

Also-Known-As, Inc. is a Federal 501(c)3 non-profit organization with an all volunteer Board of Directors.


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