The simplest way to support Also-Known-As is by becoming a member and attending our events.  However, as an all-volunteer non-profit organization, we also depend on the commitment of our members, friends, and family who are able to donate time and resources.


If you are able to share your time and expertise, Also-Known-As would love to have your greater involvement!

Outside regular participation in our programs and events, we can always use help with event setup, planning, and ongoing operations. 

In addition, we are especially in need of help in the following areas:

  • Grant-writing - seeking anyone with grant-writing experience to assist us in applications.
  • Meeting space - one of our highest costs that can easily be offset if you have access to office space, typically on weeknights.

Contact board@alsoknownas.org if you are interested in volunteering in any capacity!

Our Programs

Our programs are based on three principles: Service, Education and Community. We invite you to participate, volunteer or help in planning and administration. Our organization is based in the New York City area, and most programs are local only to this area.

Youth mentorship / Teen mentorship - seeking persons who are willing to mentor adopted youth. Commitment of one day each month for nine months. Background check required.

Adoptee Forums – seeking adoptees to help plan or provide expertise in adult adoptee-only discussion groups (18+) that are free for members.

Special Events - seeking ideas or organizing help for events of interest to our adoptees.  If you have an activity or topic that you think would be interesting to hold an event around, please reach out to us!

Click on the program links to learn how to get involved with our programs.


Also-Known-As, Inc. holds Board meetings at least once a month open to all to help plan, implement, and administer its events and programs. Meetings are open to all members of Also-Known-As, and we encourage interested members to attend.  Please RSVP for location by contacting board@alsoknownas.org.