Thank You, Professor Beom Lee

We're sad to announce Professor Beom Lee will step aside from teaching our language class, and will be sending him off with a proper thank you.  Come tell him what his friendship and dedication over the years has meant to you!

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Welcome to the Author of Haechi and the Lie

This is the girl who wrote this book that raised over $4,000 for single mothers in Korea. She wrote this folktale book (illustrated by her cousin), ran a kickstarter campaign, found a publisher, shipped all the books to supporters, and reached out to book stores, museums, and schools - all while attending high school in Korea.

It was wonderful to be able to meet Junie in person after working on this project with her by email the past few months. She inspires us and reminds us how much can be accomplished when we set our minds to it!

It is available for purchase here: It is a children's book, and includes translations in both Korean and English. All profits from book sales continue to benefit KUMFA.

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Adoptee Forum - Writing Workshop 'The Primal Wound Part 2'

In her book, The Primal Wound: Understanding the Adopted Child, Nancy Newton Verrier discusses how the early trauma of separation from the birth mother affects an adoptee’s ability to form healthy relationships.

During this two-hour writing workshop, Heather Schultz will lead an intimate discussion on Part 2 (The Manifestations) of this book followed by healthy writing exercises to address pain from the issues of rejection, trust, intimacy, loyalty, guilt and shame, power and control, and identity.

For more information click here.

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