Annual Holiday Party

Join us on Friday, December 8th to celebrate the holidays and all the 2017 brought us.  We have a great celebration lined up at Ms Yoo in the Lower East Side!

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Adoptee Forum: Writing Workshop ‘The Primal Wound’

In her book The Primal Wound: Understanding the Adopted Child, Nancy Newton Verrier discusses how, in order to heal as adoptees, we must fully understand, and acknowledge, the pain associated with experiences of abandonment and the loss of birth parents.  

During this two-hour writing workshop Heather Schultz will lead an intimate discussion on Part I of this book followed by healthy writing exercises to release negative emotions and restore integrity of the self.

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Korean Cooking Workshop for Documentary Film Shoot “Muscles and Mandu”

Also-Known-As is pleased to collaborate on a documentary exploring the topic Asian masculinity through the life story of fellow (Korean) adoptee, fitness model and entrepreneur Kevin Kreider.

During a 2-hour workshop, you will get hands-on experience learning the techniques and making Korean mandu (also known as dumplings) for an incredibly low price. Meanwhile, participants will discuss topics around Asian masculinity and Kevin's preferred diet, intermittent fasting.   

Click here more information and to purchase tickets.

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Adoptee Forum: Do you celebrate 'Gotcha Day'?

Arrival Day, Airplane Day, Anniversary, Gotcha Day...these are some of the terms used for the date you arrived into your adoptive family.  Some celebrate it like a birthday, others ignore it, and still others can find it upsetting.    

Share your thoughts with other adoptees on the meaning of this day.  If you celebrate, what are your favorite memories and traditions?  If not, why not?  Does our attitude toward this day say something about how we feel about adoption or ourselves?


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