Also-Known-As 2019 Adoptive Parent Series


A special 2-event series for parents of international adoptees!

2019 Adoptive Parent Series
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Sat Feb 23, 1 pm: Side x Side Project: Identity and Birth Search

For this special Also-Known-As screening, two themed film compilations will be shown, from footage pulled from the 100 recorded interviews of the Side x Side Project: “Growing Up” and “Searching for Answers,” which focus on identity and birth search. Afterward, a panel with Side x Side creator and co-director Glenn Morey and two local adoptees who appear in the films, Joy Lieberthal Rho and Heather Won Tesoriero, will discuss and take questions on the issues and emotions presented, with the hopes that parents will be better able to have meaningful interactions with their adopted children on these topics. Former Also-Known-As president Marissa Martin will facilitate this special presentation.

Sat May 18, 1 pm: Birth Country Cultural Identity Development

How important is it for international adoptees to be familiar with their birth country's culture?  In this event, we will hear from two past and present Also-Known-As mentorship program parents about their experience and insight into helping their children develop a healthy awareness of their roots.  Martha Crawford and Marjorie Williams will share their methods, challenges, successes, and reflections on the role that they, as white parents, played in trying to impart a sense of being Korean and Chinese, respectively, to their children.  Bring your own experiences and questions to share, such as "My child didn't want to have anything to do with their birth culture," "Is this a nice-to-have or something critical?" and "How involved should the family be as our child explores their culture?"  Former Also-Known-As president Mee Hyun Gerstein will facilitate the discussion.

Both events will have informative panelists, adoption-related professionals, excellent facilitators, and a chance for you to ask your parental questions.

Click the event links or images for details on each session. Coffee and refreshments will be provided at both events.